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AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles is the future

Ever heard of agv? A lot of companies are investing in mobile robotics today and MAXAGV offers high quality agv robots for sustainable long-term investments. The long-term investments are due to instead of hiring a bunch of people, the agv robotics will do the work for your company such as your material handling process. These can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements.

The best whitening shampoo for horses

I can not say this enough, K9's whitening shampoo for horses is the best that is out there. Not only for the color-adjustment it makes but also because it's so gentle for the skin and is environmental-friendly. In these times I always look for something that I can use on my horses that is friendly both for the animal and the environment. Their whitening shampoo for horses is by far the best I've tried so far and without bleaching it helps you get your light horse all fresh and clean!

Delutable with water up to 1/10 so you can use this whitening shampoo for many washes on your horse. It can ofcourse be used on multicolored coats!

Buy The Best Smartwatch For You

A smartwatch is a wearable device in form of a watch. Smartwatch is connected to a smartphone that provides features for example incoming calls, e-mail and activity tracking. Some smartwatches can even make telephone calls.

5 Benefits Of Using A Smartwatch

  1. Track your activities
  2. Reply to messages and answer calls
  3. Measue heart rate
  4. Longer battery life than your phone
  5. Pay bills

Choose The Right Smartwatch

Before you're buying a smartwatch, its important to check if your phone is compatibility with the smartwatch you're looking at. We can recommend link to find the right smartwatch for your phone. Make sure that the smartphone you're looking at is supported with your favorite apps and the battery life with the watch.

For iphone we recommend the Apple Watch Series, with many great features and fast charging and strong battery life. If you own an android, we really suggest to keep a look-out for Samsung galaxy series. Apple watch and Samsung galaxy have the same power to control what's important to you, with notifications, contactless payments and your favourite apps on your wrist. If you don't want to go for the big ones, we recommend the budget-friendly smartwatch - Fitbit.

Bring color to your house with these trendy garden hoses

How to bring color and style to your home with a single product. Add a colorful and stylish garden hose to the side of your house. These colored garden hoses from Garden Glory are not only stylish (and works as an accessory to your house), but they are sturdy as well. So why not bring your house and garden to the next level.

What is the different between working with plywood or balsa?

Plywood has many benefits to work with as a build material, but balsa is the finest and most high quality material - and its also very light in weight to work with. Plywood is material supplied in sheets - made in wood layers. Balsa is just a large tree.

My Favorite Headset

I've finally found the right headset for gaming and for work. This headset for working from home can help you focus on the task with good noice reduction. When is coming to gaming, this headset deliver great sound experience, crystal-clear mics for communication. Here is a list of the best features for the headset:



Our guide to the best products for you